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About Us

A passionable & devoted business started in 2004 by Mr. Salman Ahmed & familywith aim to provide best quality Himalayan Salt Products within all beautiful cities of South Africa and other African Regions. With all years of hard working & devotion, we feel very honoured to introduce more than 50 salt products & have aim to keep introducing lots of new exiciting Himalayan salt products for our most valuable clients.

Himalayan Salt Cooking / Chopping blocks are one of the most unique, artastic & unbelievelable innovation within the Himalayan salt products. Your cooking experience turns into new era & bring you only the delicious, healthy, affordable and fresh food for you and your family. That's what's on our menu – Enough with salting your food - now it's time to food your salt! 

Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks 

Himalayan salt blocks comes in five sizes

8x8x2 inch   (Medium)  (Square Block)

8x8x2 inch   (Medium)  (Round Block)

12x8x1.5 inch (Large)     (Square Block)

12x8x2 inch (X-Large)    (Square Block)

16x8x2 inch (XX-Large)  (Square Block)

offer a tasty, fun, and dramatic way to cook and serve food. All our Himalayan salt blocks are carefully graded for quality to fit your needs. Each block also comes with an in-depth cooking guide, which provides guidelines for use and cleaning, as well as a variety of serving tips and recipe ideas.

So what about Slice apples and watermelon and garnish with mint on a pink slab of Himalayan salt to make a refreshing snack or salad course. OR Arrange raw sushi-grade Ahi tuna with some cold rice noodles on a chilled Himalayan salt brick and watch the edges of the fish turn pale and firm as it actually cures on the table! How about Heat a block Himalayan salt on the stove or over the traditional South Africa Braai / barbecue and grill thin slices of flank steak and shrimp for a delicately salty surf and turf the likes of which you’ve never eaten.

Even the simplest dishes take on a beautiful new dimension. Grill some fresh vegetables and serve them in a beautiful Himalayan salt dish, or pile the dish high with steamed rice and stir-fried baby vegetables. Warm a deep, heavy bowl of Himalayan salt over a low heat to 130 degrees and make a luscious salty-chocolate fondue for dipping strawberries and pretzels! We sure you would love to try some new recipes. :-)

                                                         THE TASTE IS IN YOUR HANDS

History & Introduction

A boulder of Himalayan salt emerges from 16th century mineshaft in Pakistan and explodes into light, catching and refracting the sun in hues ranging from water-clear crystal to clematis flower pink to deep meaty red. The rough salt rocks are then hand cut by local masons into a variety of shapes, providing the foundation for extraordinary new ways to prepare and serve food.

Indeed, there are as many uses for a heavy blocks of Pakistani Pink Himalayan salt as there are foods, cooking styles, whims, acts of folly, and shows of bravado. The salt’s crystal lattice has a fairly high specific energy (energy per unit of mass), so it will tend to hold any temperature you bring it to for a good while. Also, due to its lack of porosity or moisture (.026%), the salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to virtually any extreme. We have tested them from 0°F up to 900°F.

Two other considerations come into play when working with our Himalayan salt blocks. Their lack of porosity means that the surface area touches your food is minimal. Compared to, say, ground up salt or naturally evaporated salt crystals, these large blocks of salt will impart only a very moderate saltiness. Second, the high quantity of trace minerals (1.2% sulfur, .4% calcium, .35% potassium, .16% magnesium, and 80 other trace minerals) impart a more mild and full taste to the salt, providing another level of flavor complexity to your food.

Our Himalayan Salt Blocks are all made with 100% natural rock salt that we manufacture & source from beautiful Himalayan foothills range in Pakistan . Let us know your questions, queries & feedback.

Our vision

"To provide best quality Himalayan Salt Products to our valuable clients"

Our aim

"To educate about the unique value of Himalayan Salt over normal white table sea salt. Further to provide it's complete benefits to our people within South Africa, African regions, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Europe, Russia, Middle East, China, Australia, New Zeland, North America & Rest of the world so they will stay healthy & enjoy these beautiful Himalayan Salt Products"

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